Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion of the 1920's

I absolutely love the 1920's. I probably know more about this time period than any other! (it probably helped that I had to write and perform a script...of me acting like a teen from the 20's)
I find their fashion sense so interesting! Everything from the low low waistlines to the unique bob haircut.
The dresses of the 20's were lighter, brighter, and shorter than ever before...practically a new style of dress! Hemlines rose throughout the decade, but then began to lower near the end. Shoes and stockings gained more attention than ever before now that they were more visible. Women liked to coordinate the color and pattern of their stockings with their dresses.
Here are some more modern dresses that have the unique 1920's look.
Aaahhh.... the "bob" haircut. What would a girl in the 20's be without it? It was the bee's knees! The "bob" was introduced to the U.S by actress Louise Brooks. (pictured below)
I found this really interesting article about how ladies back then trained their hair to do that unique curl or wave look. Sounded like a big pain in the behind!
Drew Barrymore with the "Flapper Bob". Doesn't she look darling? I love it on her!
And now the hats.... which are actually called Cloche hats. I really want to buy one now! They fit well and make a good winter hat because they go low enough to cover your ears! It is such a signature accessory that a flapper look will be achieved no matter what you wear! Warning, you will stand out! But thats not always bad is it?
Headbands are great too! Just stick a feather in there and Viola!!!
Actress Angelina Jolie and Katie....something or other...
Well, I am now on a look out for some twenties looking dresses and accessories. I was inspired by my own post! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while (which was only like 5 days....but hey, that's a long time for me!) I have just been so busy with homework and I've kinda had a creativity block. Don't you hate those? But the flood gates have been opened and ideas are flooding my brain! The only problem is...I don't have time to carry them out! AAHHH!!
Hope you all have a great day!


Beth Ann said...

Wow, what a great post! Love the subject! :D Now I am re-inspired too. lol Lets go 20's shopping together!

Rae said...

Love the hats.. :) always loved how ladies use to wear hats all the time.. :)