Friday, October 8, 2010

Which Ones, Which Ones???

Now that my shopping diet is over, I am needing to do some fall/winter shopping! Here's what I am needing: Scarves: I never can have enough scarves. There are just so many different styles and designs! Which style is your favorite? Boots: I am desperately needing me some boots! But I really don't know much about them. What kinds are your favorite? And what kind should I get?And finally, jeans. My jeans are just getting plain worn out. But, once again, I'm asking for your advise. What kind should I get? I like the look of skinny jeans...but I find them really uncomfortable. So maybe I should go with straight leg? Watcha think girls? Advise please!!!!!


Daughter of the King said...

Personally I love knit scarves, they usually come in a variety of colors but the texture to me feels more natural...which I love! them! I have a few pairs and I'd suggest buying some that are taller like the riding style, or the suede ones you have black and brown. I love my leather (okay, well some are 'pleather) boots...they look great with jeans or a skirt.

Jeans...well I own a curvy body and I like the look of skinny/skinnier looking jeans too, but they don't really like my body, so I usually end up buying a Slim Boot Cut pair of jeans, and those are slimmer and straighter but not quite too tight like the skinny jeans *you can still tuck your jeans in your boots and it looks cute!*

Hope this helps...and have fun shopping!

Beth Ann said...

I'll help you shop! :D I want a pair of leather boots that are a light tan color...wanted them last year too but I had already bought a pair so I couldn't afford another.

Jeans- I think the Flair-leg and Boot cut look best on you. :)

Scarves- I like them all! :D I think the slightly bulkier (at the top near the neck) would look good on you.

Boots- The longer ones would be more flattering for you than the ankle boots..they would make your legs look longer.

Natasha Atkerson said...

Scarfs: Go with something functional (white, black)
Boots: My adivce is to get ones that are low heeled and comfortable. I got some Emu's for my Christmas present two years ago they are kind of pricey ($90) but they are well worth it! They are still in amazing condition, and getting more and more comfortable as the days go by!
Jeans: Go with bootcute or flare. This shape is good for all body types. Hope this helps!

Anna Katherine said...

I would go with the wrap scarf, the ankle boots, and boot cut jeans. Have fun shopping!