Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Achieve that Bohemian Look

A while ago I wrote a post about how I love the bohemian look.
If you don't remember, scroll's down there somewhere.
I am now going to show you some ways to achieve that look.
First off, accessories.
If you're still a little self conscious about this new style
and you don't want to go all out quite yet, accessories are a good way to start.
I don't have any bohemian looking clothes quite yet,
but I have been able to get a headband, some necklaces, and some earrings
that really help you get into the boho style.
Here is a polyvore set (below) I made of some boho looking jewelery and accessories:
Untitled by ashipoo on For me feather jewelry really looks bohemian.
I recently bought me a set of feather earrings and I love them.
Dresses! Oh how I love them!
There are so many styles, designs, and ways of wearing them!
Below are some boho dresses that are just adorable!
They would look so cute with cardigans and jean jackets on top, and skinny or boot cut jeans underneath!
Or...just by themselves.
Bohemian dresses
Bohemian skirts are the best.
They are so comfy, swishy, and flowy.
Not to mention the bright colors and bold designs!
You could also totally dress them up of dress them down for whatever occasion!
Boho Skirts
Boho Skirts by ashipoo on Shirts are the tricky part for me.
I love the loose, light, bohemian tops...
but it is really hard for me to wear them without looking fat.
I have several friends (not to mention my sister)
that look great in loose fitting and flowy shirts.
I just am not made for them... instead of looking cute and flowy...
I look like a balloon.
So yea, still figuring out this part of the wardrobe.
But here are some extremely cute shirts you can take a look at to give
you an idea of what to look for!
Boho Tops
Boho Tops by ashipoo on
And last but not least we have....
complete outfits! (below)
Now whenever you have questions about what the bohemian style looks like,
you can just scurry on over and check out this post.
And if you're friends have questions...send them here too!
The Boho Look
The Boho Look by ashipoo on
Hope you enjoyed looking at all the pretty clothes and outfits.
I know making these sets made me happy and wish that spring would come even quicker!
Have a great day!


KatySue Pillsbury said...

So lovely!

Beth Ann said...

Crazily craving for some cute clothes! haha :P

Barriss Offee said...

Ooh cool!!

-Barriss :-D

EmilyL said...

okay I'm officially in love with the bohemian look! So cute!