Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Says?

Well, I am having a dry spell as to what to write about and post.
So I thought I would just post a newly found favorite video of mine.
Selena Gomez is so cute, funny, and beautiful.
Her show is one of the few I will actually sit down and watch on Disney Channel.
I absolutely love this song. When I start feeling depressed about...well...being me,
it really cheers me up.
So, enjoy! Hopefully I will soon think of something to write about!
By the cool is her dress??? Love it!!


Beth Ann said...

Love the music video...might have to buy the song now. lol

Marie said...

I like Selena Gomez too. Her fashion tastes are pretty good too.. I usually love her clothes!!

Rae said...

Wow.. cute song.. :)