Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Your Learning Style? Quiz

This quiz is from Focus on the Family's Sept '06 edition of BRIO magazine. I'll be taking alot of stuff from BRIO because they have alot of great articles and I'm not creative enought to come up with some on my own. ('s true) Are you a visual learner, auditory learner, or a tactile (touching/ case you were like me and didnt know what that meant) learner? Let us find out! 1. It's time for the history fair. Your assignment: a project on freedom in America. You will a. make a display board with pictures and a time line b. give a moving speech about freedom c. act out a scene from the life of a historical person who fought for freedom 2. To study for your Spanish test you will a. make flash cards with words to know b. recite the words aloud c. create motions to remind yourself of the meaning 3. When learning the parts of the frog you learn best by a. drawing a diagram to study b. pointing and naming the parts aloud c. dissecting a frog to see the parts 4. There's a test on "Macbeth" you a. read the play and outline the main points b. listen to it on tape c. read it aloud as you act out the scenes 5. Your youth group leader has challenged you to learn the books of the Bible. You a. study the list at the front of your Bible and try to write them by memory b. sing them to an easy tune c. say them as you tap out a beat 6. Your mom wants you to make a pie. Should she a. write out the directions b. explain them to you c. have you make one with you first 7. You have to turn in a journal for English class. Your journal is a. written in a cloth covered blank book b. recorded on a cassette or cd c. recorded on camcorder 8. You wish your history teacher would a. write things on the overhead or hand out an outline b. explain things better c. take you to visit a local museum 9. You get more out of discipleship group lessons when your leader a. has pictures or visuals b. has a group discussion c. uses role playing Now count up how many you have of each letter. Mostly A's: You're a visual learner. You learn best when info is presented in written forms, charts, diagrams, or maps. It helps to read class material from your book and take notes. You probably study best in a quiet room. Mostly B's: You're an auditory learner. You learn best when material is presented orally. Group discussions and debates are really helpful. You might study better to background music/noise. Mostly C's: You are a tactile learner. (and what does that mean children? let's review....) You learn best when you can use your body or your sense of touch. Labs and hands on activities are good ways for you to learn. It's really helpful when the teacher demonstrates a concept. Because you can't be acticve in class, taking notes or drawing doodles representing the info really helps. Well... I took it and I am a visual learner...with a tad of tactile. Absolutely nothing with auditory. I can't understand a thing when I just hear something. Hopefully you already knew what your learning style was before now, but if you do. And if you did.... this confirms it. ciao!

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Beth Ann said...

Mostly A's, looks like I am an visuual learner, but I know I have a bit of auditory :) Nice quiz!