Thursday, August 12, 2010

Princess Dresses

A friend and I were browsing the web (cause we had nothing else to do...) and found this awesome website. It has wedding dresses galore! (of course they are all name brand and way too expensive to even dream about) But this one designer caught our attention. Her name is Kirstie Kelly and I guess she designs princess dresses for Disney. They are all so pretty! Here is the link to the site. Sleeping Beauty Belle
Snow White Cinderella
Ariel Which ones are your favorite? Mine would have to be.....
Belle #1 and Sleeping Beauty #3
Hope you enjoyed looking at them!


Beth Ann said...

Belle #1 and Cinderella #1! :)

Maggie said...


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Rae said...

sleeping beauty number 1

Marie said...

I love the Jasmine and Snow White dresses! SO pretty. Every girls dream dress. :)