Saturday, August 7, 2010


Have you ever made a mistake that you really regret? Did you ever wonder what would become of it? Did you ever wonder if everyone would turn against you?
I made one of those mistakes today. I reacted abruptly... and didn't quite use the right words in a certain situation. I didn't intend to be mean...just to find out and correct. Correct...I did not. More like slaughter. I made the whole mess so much bigger and messier. And now I am worried that gossip may spread and people will begin to think different of me...and dislike me. I have apologized and asked for forgiveness. Is there anything else one can do?
"God will never leave thee nor forsake thee.'
"God is in control"

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-Bess- said...

Nope, that's all you can do (ask forgiveness from folks & God), well + try to never repeat the mistake + try to make it up to your friends/peoples in some special maybe there's more to do afterall, but you've done the most important step, now you can think about the over & above options. We all make mistakes, it's a side effect of humanity. He still loves you. The 'He' being God. Keep going! Press on!
Love From a Fellow Mistake-Maker,