Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrity Highschool Pic Game Answers

ok so not too many of you all guessed on the Celebrity Pic game. I guess you all were too chicken. :)jk. But all should have given it a try. I admit though....they are pretty tough. Here are the answers!!!!
#1 is......Ryan Seacrest!!!
#2 is Lady Gaga!!!! (ick)
#3 is......Adam Lambert!!! (ick ick)
And finally last but not least is #4........Harrison Ford!!!! Whoot!!!
Now, compare the both pics of the celebrities and see if you can recognize them now. :) tata


Marie said...

Wow that's funny.. I love seeing old photos of people. ;D

Beth Ann said...

Yay for Harrison! lol :)

MJ said...

Oh I wish I would've seen this earlier! I can't believe that's Adam Lambert! Thanks for the comment, that's cool about your mom being in Korea! She should take you back there sometime, the shopping is amazing!

Daughter of the King said...

I would have NEVER guessed Ryan Seacrest and Adam Lambert...oh my goodness! Harrison Ford I TOTALLY KNEW! Lady Gaga I can believe, but I am DEFINITELY NOT A FAN. Thanks for posting the follow be honest I thought you just didn't post it, and then I noticed that silly me missed reading the post and you DID DO THE POST!!!