Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Dress A Day

The other day I found this blog of this girl who is doing something truly amazing. She has inspired me so much. Her name is Marisa and she has this blog called "New Dress A Day: 365 Days, 365 New Outfits, 365 Dollars." Whoa. Here are some examples of her work. :)
Befores and Afters
Head over to her blog...believe me...there are plenty more examples there. It kinda makes you want to sew doesnt it? If only I knew how....


Beth Ann said...

Wow, I will certainly be checking out her blog! I just drool over this kind of thing and think the same way...if only I could sew. lol

Rae said...

Oh WOW! I had to check out her blog.. Thanks for posting..
I think I'm going have to try doing this sometime.. I can sort of sew! lol :)