Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Agave Nectar Issues

Ok so just yesterday I posted about different subs for sugary products, and Agave Nectar was one of them. Well, a friend pointed out to me some possible health issues with Agave Nectar. So I looked it up online and found a site that explains it pretty well. It's So read it...and use your judgement. My family decided that we won't be using it as much. My mom, cause of health problems, can't have honey. But because I am just doing this diet for weight loss, I can. So honey might be better, even thought it raises your sugar level. But one point the article made was that no sugar is really good for you. Whether it's honey, agave, stevia, etc. The less sweetness, the better... and your taste buds will adjust. I promise. Mine has already started! Health is a difficult concept isn't it? It's so hard to be healthy in todays world because of prices, pesticides, fructose corn syrup in everything.... on and on and on. We must not give up! Chin up, chest out and.....Onward!!!! lol

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