Thursday, May 20, 2010


A couple weeks ago, I spent the night at a friend's house and spend several hours refashioning articles of clothing that needed spicing up. This here is a pair of shorts I cut and decorated. I took a old pair of jeans that were 1.Too short and.... 2.Had two ugly holes in the knees. ick. So, I cut them where the holes ended and cuffed them. Then the fun part....decorating! I cut patches out of cute material and ironed them on my jeans. (You have to buy a special stuff you stick to the patches before you iron it on....but the name escapes me. When I remember it, I'll tack it on the end of this post. Sorry...) Then I took thread and stitched around the patches...mostly just for looks. After all that, I took some really pretty lace and stitched it around the cuffs. That part didnt work as good as I would have liked...there is probably a better way out there...but that was what popped into my head first. Plus...this was my first time refashioning anything! So, my advice is...experiment and have fun. OH...and if you want to watch a movie while you do it, watch a movie that you've seen a ton of times because.... I didnt and...I dont remember a thing about the movie. he he he.

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Beth Ann said...

Ha, yes a film we had already seen would have been a good idea. ;) Good pics! By the way, that video of the soldiers dancing is hilarious! :P The guy on the right is really gettting into it. ha ha He is my favorite. ;)