Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok so first off, for this diet, you can't use sugar in anything right? Right. So you need to find substitues....and Splenda doesn't count. Splenda is bad for you too...but I won't go there. So for this diet, here are three must haves for sweeteners. 1. First off, to substitute sugar, you need Stevia. It is a sugar like substance that comes from the stevia plant. It doesn't raise your blood sugar and is actually sweeter than sugar. Doesn't taste good by itself though...don't try it. 2. Next, you need a substitute for honey. What!! NO HONEY! Yes..no honey. Honey raises your blood sugar too. So, a sub for that is Agave nectar. It also comes from a plant...and does not raise your blood sugar. You can use this instead of sugar too. 3. And of course you can't have chocolate cause...duh...it has sugar in it. So, what my mommy found was this thing called MaraNatha All Natural Dark Chocolate Almond Spread. At first I thought it tasted nasty, but once you realize it's the closest thing to chocolate you're gonna get...you start loving it. It's great on pretzels or banannas or strawberries.
Well, that should get you started. Each thing can be found at your local Walmart....so give each one a try! Warning! It will take some getting used to!

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Beth Ann said...

That dark chocolate almond spread sounds really enteresting. I need to try it sometime when we are over there. :)