Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Boredom...pt1

Not all people have crazy schedules this summer like me. I'm sure somebody out there is having a laid back summer (which is totally nice) but get a little bored. So I am gonna try to help that. Here is my first little idea.
This is my mommy. She had a creativity spark one day and decided to spruce up some old chairs that we had and didn't use anymore. So, she bought some spray paint stuff from Wally World (aka..Walmart)and sprayed 5 chairs the four primary orange. But first...the not so fun part. Sanding! UUUGGGGG! Man does your arm get tired. So, I guess the positive way of thinking is that you will get muscle too! But anyway...those are the blue and red ones that she did. She thought they would look cute outside on our patio or inside down in our basement/family room area. So, look around your attic, cellar, basement, garages, or yard sales for cheap wooden chairs. And paint them! Just an idea....

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