Sunday, June 6, 2010

Modesty Meagan pt 2

Pt. 2 The Mall I was standing at my locker when Amy approached. "I thought you were going to wear that skirt today." She leaned against the row of lockers and looked out into the hallways. I shrugged. "My mom wouldn't let me." Amy threw her head back and groaned. "Parents!" "What can you do?" I asked, gathering my books. Amy slammed my locker with a clang and followed me down the hall. I heard her black boots clip-clopping down on the tile floor. "I'll tell ya what you can do," she said. "We can go to the mall this afternoon and get you something decent to wear." I stopped walking. "My parents would kill me," I told her seriously. "Not if they don't know," Amy replied. "You can keep your new stuff at my house." I considered this option. I knew that mom was wrong about her rules, that she just didn't understand what it was like to be a teenager. But I also knew that she wasn't paticularly pleased when I decided to disobey her anyway. I shook my head. "I can't" Amy laughed. "OK. You don't have to decide now. Just come to the mall?" Amy's grin was bright and insistent. She was so funny that I gave in. "OK. I'll ask Mom if she will drop me off. But I'm not buying anything!" She grabbed my shoulder and squeezed. "We'll see!" Then she trotted off down the hall way. When I got to the mall, I found Amy standing in front of the music store. She was wearing a black skirt that looked like it was made out of fishnet. "Your mom lets you wear that?" I asked after sneaking up behind her and tapping her on the shoulder. "No," she said. "I changed when I got here." "Let's go down to the food court," I said. "I'm starved." We walked together towards the escalator, but Amy stopped suddenly and grabbed my arm. "What?" I asked, alarmed. "Look down there!" she sqeaked, pointing towards the railing. I walked over and peered down at the first floor of the mall. Then I broke out into a huge smile. "It's Josh!" I said. I'd had a crush on him for months. "And Adam," Amy added. Josh never went anywhere without his best friend. I leaned my chin against the railing. "They're going to the food court. Let's go talk to them." Amy shook her head. "You're not ready for a Josh-encounter yet, Meagan." I knew what was coming. "Amy...." She looked into my eyes. I could see that she'd started wearing heavy mascara. It was forming little clumps around her eyelids. "Do you want Josh to notice you or not?" I bit my lip. She had me there. "Well, yeah..." "Then come on!" she daid. "Let's find you something great to wear!" She was gone in an instant, flying down the escalator. I followed her slowly. Mabye I would get lucky and we wouldn't find anything.

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