Thursday, June 24, 2010

OCOEE Outreach

So, this Saturday my sister and I are going on a week long mission trip to Cleveland, TN to work with the organization OCOEE Outreach. I have gone with our church for the past two years...and I have enjoyed it very much. This year is gonna be totally different though. The past two years the youth and women has done VBS and the men did construction. Well, this time the youth is doing a paint job on a house. (the owner of the house is too sick/poor/old to do it) So... I'm excited that we get to do something new and different this year. I can't wait!!! Here are some pictures of last year.
The men putting a roof on a house...
Dancing at a nursing home. (they loved the chicken dance!) (Im in the yellow shirt)

Our whole VBS group... pretty nice size.

Doing puppets at a nursing home.

My sister and I making snow cones at the block party.

I will have some posts post automatically while I am gone so... check back every so often. :)


Marie said...

Looks like fun!! Its awesome to be able to get involved and do hand's on work! :)

Amy said...

will be praying for you this week!