Monday, June 21, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award...applause applause!

I have officially been awarded with my first...well...award!!! *applause! applause!* I want to give thanks to a girl with an awesome blog who awarded me with the "stylish blogger award"..... Sarah! *applause! applause!* I now must list 5 random things about me. *thinking....* 1. I lived in the country Chile for 2 years as a MK. (aka..missionary kid) 2. I am in a singing group called RC5 3. I am in love with Johnny Depp 4. One of my favorite tv shows is Avatar the Last Airbender. (yeah..i know i'm a freak) 5. I draw Manga Ok..thats five right? Cool. That wasn't so hard! I now officially award the following stylish bloggers. Drum roll please: Beth of Genuine Beauty Marie of Marie Loves Candace of Tea Time Thoughts Amy of The Gabriel Family *Applause! applause!* Now...two of the girls are gone for a while...but I know one will be back soon. (with an award awaiting her!) Thank you and good night!*applause! applause!*


Amy said...

Thanks ashley! I'm honored!!!

Candice said...

thank you, dear! I'm honored to receive the award!