Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a bitter/sweet announcement

Hi friends! I once again apologize for my lack of posting this summer. (actually...all year) School, life, traveling, blah blah blah. Anyways.... I have some bitter-sweet news. I am no longer going to post on this blog. Live for Today is retiring. But I am not giving up blogging! (and you thought you had gotten rid of me!) I actually started a new blog just a few hours ago. Surprise! It is called Livin the Artsy Life and it is going to be more focused and updated much more often. So followers of Live for Today, please come check out my new blog. I will dearly miss you if you don't. Press this link right HERE. Please! (with a cherry on top and all that jazz)
So with that...I bid Live for Today goodbye. These past three-ish years have been fun. We have been through a lot dear blog, you and I, and I shall remember it always. Farewell.

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