Sunday, March 4, 2012

Enlist Us Lord

My sister and dad just came back from Haiti a few days ago.
They went with three other people from our church, and a few from another local church.
They shared their testimonies tonight at church.
They were powerful.
They were recorded, so I just might have to share the
link once it is put online.

Tonight we also sang a song that I had never heard before.
At first I wasn't a big fan, the tune wasn't really that impressive and it sounded the same throughout.
But the words, wow.
The last verse especially.
I have listened to this song three more times
 just since I've been home from church this eve,
and everytime those words get me.

Indwell us Lord, and purify
our hands to work for You
Enlist us Lord, to serve nearby
and cross the waters, too
Your image-bearers on the earth
will never know how much they’re worth
unless we love and help them first
and show the way to You.

Just beautiful and oh so powerful.
"Your image-bearers on the earth, will never know how
much they're worth."
How heart breaking is that?
I don't know about you, but it makes me want to jump on
the next plane to anywhere and be His hands and feet.
But wait, we don't have to go anywhere do we?
Heck, we could walk right across the street
and do the exact same thing.
Here is the link to the song called
"Let Justice Roll Like a River"
While you listen to it, think about how you can serve,
"near by and across the waters too."
God bless.


Beth Ann said...

Wow. I just loved this. I'm listening to Let Justice Roll right now. What a song!

*Ashley* said...

i know. the words are so powerful. :) cant wait till the testimonies get put online. emi's and caleb's especially were sooo good.