Monday, June 6, 2011

High Hopes and Big Dreams

So like I said, I'm home....but not only that:
Our homeschool graduation ceremony was yesterday.
It was a perfect day for a picnic celebration!
How we did it was each graduate would go up with their parents to give a little
speech and receive a diploma.
Here I am delivering my little speech. I'm pretty much thanking everybody in my life.
I believe I was the only graduate not to cry during my or my parents speech.
I have a heart of stone. ;p
Afterwords we took pictures with alot of people.
Here I'm with Beth and her sister Emily. This is my familia!
Here is us five graduates. All girls. The 5 amigas.
Now we are acting all gangsta and cool. Time to partayyy!
Us in our pretty dresses.
Pop the foot! If any guys had graduated with us we couldn't have done this!
My table where my senior pictures were set up and such.
Beth wanted me to open my gift there. It ended up being a picture album full of
photos she took while in Summit, since I lost all of mine.
Such a sweet idea. :)
Me, Rebecca (r), and Megan(l) who are also graduates and really good friends of mine.
We are wearing our class shirts...which I designed!! How cool is that?
This is the back of the shirts.
After most of the people left, we went to go play on the playground.
Yeah, we are cool like that.
So yeah, we had great time together. It was a great day full of friends and family, yum yum food, fun pics, great weather, pretty dresses, big accomplishments, high hopes and dreams.....and playing on the playground.


Jedi~Chick said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! :D I love the t-shirts. ;) SO awesome! I can't wait to graduate from Homeschool. ;) I just graduated middle school, (homeschooling) and now I'm going to brave the adventure of high school!!!! AHH!! :D
Looks like a really great time! :)

Jedi~Chick <3

Emily Jacinta said...

congrats!! Nice pictures!

Beth Ann said...

Had such a great time Sunday. :) Great ceremony..everything was awesome. :) Wish I could have stayed and played on the playground too! haha Love those photos. :)

Rachel said...

Your.shirts.are.SO.cute.Congrats Grad!

Rae said...

wow! thanks for sharing your awesome pixs.. :) Looks like you had a wonderful day! love your shirts!! :)